Towaryokan is located in the quiet and historic part of Kyoto (Jinaicho),
close to the main train station and the Nishi Honganji Temple.

In an elegant space that combines traditional design with all modern conveniences,
you can enjoy hospitality, and the occasional Maiko performance.

Enjoy our sumptuous dishes (including vegan cuisine) unique to Kyoto,
carefully prepared in accordance with the seasons by a skilled chef
who trained at a long-established traditional Japanese restaurant.


If you come to Kyoto by train:
Approximately 8 minutes’ walk from exit 1 at Kyoto Station.


Enjoy dinner in your own private dining room, and the other meals in TOWA’s spacious dining hall.
For both lunch and dinner, you can choose one of three options: traditional Kyoto fare [Kyoto Cuisine], our special Vegan Menu , or else Shojin Ryori : the traditional Japanese vegetarian fare that is usually served at temples.

Lunch hours 11:00~15:00

Shojin Ryori(Vegan option) / 7,150JPY per person
Vegetarian option / 7,150JPY per person
Kyoto Cuisine (specific to Kyoto) / 7,150 JPY per person

Dinner hours 18:00~21:00

Shojin Ryori(Vegan option) / 13,750JPY per person
Vegetarian option / 13,750JPY per person
Kyoto Cuisine (specific to Kyoto) / 13,750JPY per person

Vegan set menu (changed seasonally)


Homemade sesame tofun

Assorted delicaciesr

Wheat gluten, Akakonnyaku・Kikuna with sesame sauce, Daitokuji Fu

Lotus root minced ball in a wooden bowl

Yuba sashimi, Tofu sashimi

Daikon (Japanese radish) steak

Grilled mushrooms in foil

Seasonal Vegetable tempura


Misoshiru (white miso)


Rice with ginger and shimeji mushrooms


Homemade pickled vegetables


Homemade orange mizuyoukan

Vegetarian option

Same price and ingredients as the Vegan option, with the addition of eggs, dairy products, and animal broth

Kyoto Cuisine(traditional Kyoto fare)

The menu comprises(nine small dishes plus soup. It uses seasonal meat, seafood, and vegetables that luxuriously display the refinement of traditional Kyoto cuisine.

〈For our overnight guests〉


We will bring the freshly prepared Kyoto cuisine(nine-course meal plus soup) dish by dish to your private dining room.
We hope you will enjoy the rich seasonal Kyoto cuisine, whose ingredients are carefully selected by a skilled chef who has studied at a long-established traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.
You are most welcome to order additional single dishes from this menu.


For breakfast, enjoy Kyoto Obanzai, which is a tasty collection of Kyoto-style side dishes, freshly prepared with local seasonable vegetables. homemade tofu from the long-established tofu shop "Chishiro Tofu", and the popular egg side-dish Dashimaki Tamago.

〈Geiko and Maiko performances〉

You can experience Kyoto’s traditional performing arts such as dance, music, and the art of conversation gracefully brought to you at TOWA by fully-trained Geiko and Maiko (apprentice geiko)
This is "Omotenashi" culture with traditional female entertainment. Enjoy!


●Minimum booking is three people one week in advance.

●Should you need to cancel your accommodation booking, please give us 15 days’ notice. Cancellations made three days or fewer prior to the expected arrival date will incur a 40,000 JPY charge.

●Start will be accepted from. The final start time is Check-in interval: 12:00 - 19:00.

●Meal composition may change vary slightly from that advertised, depending on the availability of ingredients.

●Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

●We will be happy to take pictures with your camera, smartphone, etc.

●The Maiko performances are held in the banquet hall.

〈Welcome to SEIKA-AN〉

The ground floor is frequently used for private tea ceremonies. It is therefore named after the tea ceremony master.
Traditional artisanal methods and materials were used in its recent construction.
The all-natural materials were specially sourced, so they are one of a kind and delicate.
We hope you will appreciate and enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere they create.
When SEIKA-AN is not in use, once or twice a season tea ceremonies are performed in the space.
We invite you to take part in them and enjoy this authentic Japanese tradition, performed by certified practitioners of the art.

The building was designed by the master craftsman Wataru Hasegawa, while the furniture pieces an elegant mix of Italian modern furniture ("Cassina") and Japanese modern furniture ("Morishige").
In addition, you can enjoy a germanium bath by in the Shigaraki terracotta bathtub.
Truly a unique and authentic Japanese experience!